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My curriculum vitae

     I was born in Prague in January 1963.
     When I was a little girl I liket accompanying my grandfather for a walk in the open air
and in the old parts of Prague. Among other, he was in flames fascinated amateur photography. He has just given me my first camera Flexaret IV, and thanks to him, I have fallen for wandering about and above all photography.
     After finishing the basic school I have acquired in Secondery arts-and crafts of Prague
the photograph speciality. At that time I have bought the one-eye reflex camera Praktika MTL3. It had early been used everywhere. The actress and dancense Mrs. Marta Fričová,
the daughter of Mr. Martin Frič (film director), had become of my fairy granny. She had been
my first critic and the art pattern for me till her death. I have esteemed her for her oppinion
and friendship and so I have been affected in my art tendency.
     In 1983 I started workingin Fotografia cooperative production - Prague. I have acquired
the experience in the colour photos hand-making. Before my maternity leaving I had been
working in the portrait photo-studio. From the outset of 90th years I have been dedicating
to my own art production. At that time my interest has been arised in panoramic photographs,
and it has become of my great hobby. Several years later I started working in a Prague
photo-studio with a view to the reportage, publicity and the technical photograph.
     Now I have been devoting to my own art production with a view to reportage, publicity
and portraiture. I have made photographs by clasical or digital way. My used cameras - Nikon and the panoramic cameras Hasselblad XPan and Noblex. Most of my time I devote to make the mentioned panoramicphotographs. Some of those large-size pictures are as decoration of the luxury offices and the most different lounges.
There were aranged some author expositions and exhibitions too.

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